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Employment as trainers at the Human & Dog Center guaranteed to suitable graduates

Do you want to join the team at the Human & Dog Center?

 • A course for senior dog trainers with small classes of no more than 10 students.
 • A training course at an attractive price and payment in easy installments.
• Work with clients during the course and enjoy a good income during your studies.
 • Preparation of an individual business plan for each student to help them start their own business.
 • Study with lecturers and personal mentors who have worked with over 6,000 dogs.
 • Varied training techniques based on Buddhist philosophies and positive feedback.
• Working with a wide range of breeds and behavioral rehabilitation processes.
• Each candidate has a personal interview in order to maintain the high levels expected of the Center’s students.

The Human & Dog Center Dog Trainers Program trains senior trainers in the positive feedback approach.

There are many good reasons why you should join the Human & Dog Center senior dog trainers course at the Dog Trainer Academy:

 • Classes take place in Tel Aviv, in Holon and at Moshav Beit Yitzhak.
 • Study is individual – no more than 10 students to a course.
 • Each student is accompanied by a personal mentor – an expert in dog behavior who has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners.

Your personal mentor is there for you throughout the course and will help you set up your business based on your prepared business plan.

Additionally, as a multidisciplinary center for the study of canine behavior, we employ many dog trainers and are also looking for new trainers to join our team. All graduates of our course are guaranteed work, providing they meet the center’s requirements.

The price of the course is very reasonable and you can pay in easy instalments. There are no hidden clauses, no surprises. Our kennels are open to our students who can ractice their skills whenever they want.

Advanced study option (Second year)

Canine Therapy Trainers Course

Service Dog preparatory course.

Dog clipping course.

Alternative medicine for dogs.

All additional courses start March 2016

Structure of the dog trainer with positive feedback course

The course, held at the Human & Dog Center is spread over six months with two classes each week. In total, the course includes 300 hours (academic) of theoretical and practical study, lectures, practical exercises and sessions at the homes of Human & Dog Center customers.

During the course, each student will work with an expert trainer so that they will be able to observe, first hand and in the customer’s home environment, the processes used in the positive feedback approach. The student benefits from a personal trainer throughout the course!

As part of the Human & Dog Center’s course, students will work in the field and receive payment for their work. This will give them firsthand experience of the world of dogs and dog training in Israel that will transform them into senior dog trainers using the positive feedback approach.

As a school, we are committed to personal and individual tutoring so that each student can obtain maximum results and realize their full potential.

Students who successfully complete the dog trainer course will be awarded a certificate by the Human & Dog Center certifying that they are a “Dog Trainer and Canine Behavioral Therapist”.

As we provide dog trainer courses based on positive feedback, we recommend that all of our students use this same approach. However, as part of the course, students will learn all the methods for training dogs in use today. Having an in-depth knowledge of all training methods enables our graduates to be the ultimate professionals in their field.

Studying to be a dog trainer – Why learn at the Human & Dog Center?

In every class, theoretical and practical, our instructors don’t have a stop watch in their hands or use a timer.

Students at the Human & Dog Center understand that our courses are special. We treat our students as equals with the aim being to develop to the fullest each student’s abilities and potential by helping them understand and develop their own personal approach. That’s why our dog trainer courses are small scale and personal. In this way, the student can achieve even higher levels of professionalism by the end of the course.

Course graduates, if they feel they need to refresh or strengthen their skills, can always attend any workshop/trip/activity/theoretical or practical class and practice as much as they want at our kennels. This is all part of the Human & Dog Center’s working ethic in its relationships with dog trainers who learned their skills and techniques at the center.

** Once a month the center arranges a special, evening lecture to which all past and present students are invited. This is an evening where people can get together, exchange experiences and ideas regarding dog training where, every month, there are new ideas to discuss and develop.

Our Dog Trainers Course

 • An exclusive course for dog trainers with no more than 10 participants in each course.
 • Start working and earning money a month before the course ends.
 • We help you build a business plan that will help integrate you into the world of dog training at the end of the course.
 • Lessons are concentrated to maximize transfer and acquisition of knowledge.
• Theoretical studies take place in Tel Aviv, practical lessons are held in Holon and Moshav Beit Yitzhak.
• The course costs 12,000 NIS and includes a dog trainers kit.

Every month our dog trainers course includes lectures, workshops, outings and special activities.

Lecturers during the course:

 • Marina Shibolet – Lecture and workshop – Dog Shows and Judging Dog Breeds.
 • Adi Etrog – Lecture and workshop – Sheep herding in the Arava.
 • Robert Raviv – Workshop – Grooming Dogs in Tel Aviv.
 • Aril Schwartz – Lecture and workshop – Dog trains. רכבות כלבים
• Adoption Days – the Roof for Animals Foundation, Holon – Volunteering on behalf of the Human & Doc Center.
• Apart from dog training, the Human & Dog Center believes in respect and helping others. As part of the syllabus, we recommend that students volunteer to help dogs or those who need a trainer.
• It is vitally important to us that students who study and the Human & Dog center love both people and dogs.

For an introductory meeting with Tal Shlush, the head of the Center, and to get the syllabus and registration forms please fill in your details on the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you soon.

You can also contact us by phone at 054-803-2423.

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