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Just three lessons, Guaranteed!
10 years of experience and over 6,000 dogs that have successfully undergone behavioral rehabilitation.

1.Do you jog with your dog but still feel he needs training?
2.Do you need a dog trainer in Tel Aviv or the center of the country?
3.Do you need something to calm your dog? Does he mess the house, bark, scare people?

A solution for all your problems – just three training sessions and that’s all!!!!

From our perspective, dog training is an art. To train your dog, we have to give you, the owner, the tools needed to understand your dog. Our training includes elements that only require you to invest 10 minutes a day working with your dog – that’s all! We trust our training method and, if we don’t succeed (something that has yet to happen), we’ll refund your money.

As dog trainers and dog lovers, it’s important to us that you succeed and be able to control your dog whilst, at the same time, guaranteeing your dog and yourselves a better and more balanced life.

Train your dog quickly – using positive feedback at the Human & Dog Center.

A dog trainer comes to your home and helps you solve all the problems you’re having with your dog – all in just three lessons, thanks to the special training techniques used by the Human & Dog center’s senior trainers. Today, there are many dog trainers across the country who teach dozens, hundreds of people how to train their dogs. Each student gains real work experience which we then transform into an advantage for you: dog training by young dog trainers at a cost price of 100 NIS for each training session. We send the young trainer to your home and they will give the best, the correct tips that will let you communicate with your dog and define boundaries using a balanced and positive approach.

The Training Process

To reach the ultimate solution for you and for your dog, the trainer will come to your home for an initial “diagnostic” so that they can get a clear understanding of your dog’s environment and how you behave towards him. At the Human & Dog Center we believe in values, in respect and in compassion. We believe that every person has different needs and desires. That’s why, the method we choose to help you train your dog is based in this initial meeting which is held with total transparency.

Stage 1: Diagnosis

The Center’s training process begins with an initial diagnostic, by a professional and qualified dog trainer, at your home. This initial meeting is based on the techniques and principals taught in the Human & Dog Center’s senior dog trainer course. The aim of the meeting is to examine the dog in his natural environment and begin training the same day. At the same time, the trainer will identify problems, attempt to understand their source and to provide you with tips and techniques to use when training your dog during the first week. This way, you get quick results. The dog’s diagnostic and training process takes from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and requires no special preparations from you or the dog.

Stage 2: Training your dog at home

At this stage, the Human and Dog Center’s dog trainer will work with the owner, in the home, on how to train the dog. This will include training your dog to live by your rules in your home. At this stage we’ll deal with specific problems such as house training, jumping on furniture, eating from the table, biting, eating from the floor, running away when the door’s left open, aggressiveness relating to food, aggressiveness about the dog’s own territory and more.

Stage 3: Training your dog outside

At this stage, the trainer will teach you basic commands used to train dogs outside of the home and to increase your influence and authority over your dog. The trainer will teach your dog not to pull at the leash when you’re out walking, to walk by your side when you command him to “heel” and, when you stop, your dog will also stop and sit. In addition, the dog will learn the most important command of all, “to me”. This command teaches the dog to come to its owner immediately from wherever they are when it’s used. We’ll also teach you how to work with the “clicker”, a great tool for strengthening discipline both indoors and out.

Stage 4: Finishing training and follow up

At the end of the training process, our trainer will provide a concentrated lesson for everybody in the house. They’ll teach the other family members how to maintain your dog’s new behavioral patterns, what is forbidden and what is allowed and some more helpful tricks that will strengthen the dogs thought processes. In this way, you’ll maintain your dog’s training achievements and ensure a healthier and more relaxed life for you and your dog. For up to three months from the end of training, your qualified trainer will call you to be sure that no problems arose after training. When the three-month period is over, you can contact the trainer with any questions whenever you want.

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