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The Human & Dog Center

Birthday Party Activities for Children with Dogs.

A special activity for a birthday party that is both original and imparts moral values.

Also suitable for summer camps and family events.

Please be aware that all of our dog performances and activities are based on principals of tolerance and moral values, The dogs are trained using positive feedback and lots, and lots of love and affection!

Does your son or daughter love animals? Are you looking for something special for their birthday? Looking for an attraction or an original idea for the birthday party. Are you looking for a birthday activity with animals?

At the Human & Dog Center we offer you birthday party activities with dogs trained using positive feedback – an activity where the children enjoy themselves and the parents can sit back and watch their happy faces.

Birthday activities from the Human & Dog Center – the first of their kind in Israel!

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with the best possible quote for your birthday party. A party that will focus on a subject that has both moral and educational value – tolerance towards dogs!

The activity includes gifts, a complete sound system, attention-grabbing accessories and props and more.

The Human & Dog Center organizes children’s birthday parties with dogs – a natural activity that connects the children to nature.

The Human & Dog Center’s birthday activity also includes tricks and stunts by Chan, our amazing dog who knows more than 250 words; it also includes original music and story’s about how dogs help human beings. And most important: the birthday child is the show’s “head trainer”.

We provide birthday party activities and other unique attractions about tolerance towards dogs. Our activities captivate the children (and the adults as well) and, most important of all, are all carried out with the total involvement of the children and audience.

Tal and Chan’s show, “Training Dogs With Love” has been chosen as the show of the year by the SOS and Gag LeHayot (Roof for Animals) foundations who also cooperate closely with the Human & Dog Center.

Our shows combine tolerance and love, music, amazing stunts and tricks and stories about dogs and the many ways in which they help people. We’ll explain to the children how important it is to show our dogs love and affection with funny and enjoyable tips. Specially trained tracking dogs will perform searches using sight and smell and all with the audience playing an integral part in the show!

We take care of all the technical details: we come fully equipped with a sound system, a stage and gifts for all the children. We also help prepare the music for the show.

The bottom line – our activities for your children’s birthdays are funny and enjoyable. The atmosphere and event are full of positive energy and each child is given a gift. The focus of the show is, of course, the birthday boy or girl who are part of a special ceremony with an amazing cake and even more surprises!

Throughout the show the birthday boy or girl will be the focus of attention. As well as everything else they enjoy and receive, they will also be awarded a “Young Dog Trainer” certificate and a wonderful present – both from the Human & Dog Center.

Our special birthday activities can be held wherever you choose: at home, outside, in the garden, at school – anywhere! Activities with dogs are recommended for children aged 4 and above.

Contact us today so we can give you a price quote for your next birthday!

Our children’s activities are given by Tal Shlush and his amazing dog, Chan. Tal Shlush, the head of the Human & Dogs Center, is an expert on dog behavior, provides therapy using dogs amongst all sectors of the population and provides dog training classes for children.

For more details and a price quote, call us today.

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